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My forever home: Part 2. Feeling safe

I emerged from the hiding place eventually - of course. Even though I did not feel quite safe, I had to eat.

When I calmed down, I discovered a room which I had all by myself. And it wasn’t any room! I saw a climbing wall with a cave I could sleep in. Exciting toys, food, water and a completely similar toilet I used in the cattery. In this room I had everything I needed and even more.

Looking around I saw things that people use, an office desk and chair, even a human bed. I noticed flowers on some shelves, large and small flowers, in pots and in glass of water without soil. I don’t know exactly what benefits people have of flowers, but I could not care less. This room is mine! I will stay here forever.

The next few days Mamsy, as I now understand she is called, stayed along with me in the room. I got to explore and get used to the smell of my new home - at my own pace. And I enjoyed every second. I was high and low, over and over again, and became safer day by day. I was enjoying myself when I could climb and play, and I loved it when Mamsy stroked me under the chin. But to lie in her lap - no, no, no, I am not ready for that.

We really had some nice days for ourselves, Mamsy and I. But one day she left the room, leaving the door open so I could explore more of my forever-home.

All that smell! You will not believe it. I could smell humans (there was a man male here too, I did not know him so well yet), but there was also something else that I recognized from my room.

But I did not know what it was. It was still going to take some time before I figured it out.

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