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Boxes, bags and pots and such

Everyone knows that cats love boxes, bags and pots and things like that. But we don't always have everything under control, even if we never want to admit it. We know exactly what we're doing when we jump into a potty, or.. crawl into one.

Linus and I got a box of Papsen here a while ago. Thank you Papsen, we love it!

Linus is very fond of bags too. It doesn't matter if the box or the bag is big or small, we can fit in them anyway.

We are very excited about flower pots. The pot must of course be empty, if flowers of various kinds already live in it, there is no room for me or Linus. We understand that, so we only use pots that no one lives in. And to be honest, I think both Papsen and Mamsy would have gone bananas if I had jumped into a pot where some flowers had already taken up residence.

I have received a clear message from Linus that I don't need to think about making a video of him and me in the box. Because he has already made one and posted it on his Instagram account.

So if anyone wants to see us in the box, you have to scan the QR code

and watch the video on Instagram.

Or visit Linus's Instagram account: Linus_TT_

Now the sun is shining in Stavanger, so I have to go out on the balcony and check the conditions. Maybe I'll make a post about balcony life some day.

Those who come along will see.

Apologies to English readers. English is not my first language, so you won't find perfect written English in this blog.

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