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Thoughts of dogs and cats on a rainy day

The other day we had a real rainy day in Stavanger. We stayed inside, Linus and I. Not that staying in was any news for you, we stays in all the time, so why should we choose to go out in storms?

For who would look like a soaked cat? We don’t look smooth in wet condition, do we? With wet and heavy fur, it is not a pleasant thing to be a cat. I hope I don't experience it.

But anyway, we can agree that we are better than dogs?

All right, the dogs probably look a little better in wet condition, but we still take it back in sympathy from humans, I think.

"Poor little thing", they say when they see a cat wet to the skin, and quickly find a towel they can wrapp around us.

A wet dog doesn’t smell good either. Mamsy corrects me. "Smells not good, is a wrong expression,"" she says." A wet dog stinks. Done talking".

Oki, 2-0 to the cats.

It didn’t rain when Liiine was here. But she told me a story about a wet dog she had met before she became an adult. They were on vacation in a place they had been several times, Papsen, Mamsy, 'Liiine and big brother. There was a little beach and they normally had the place for themselves. There was a floating pier in the water that they could swim to and from which they jumped or plunged into the sea. It was absolutely super and they were looking forward to play and swim in the sea this afternoon, 'Liiine and her big brother.

But this day they didn’t get the place for themselves. A large dog ran back and forth into the water, obviously loved the sea, because he was swimming slightly towards the floating pier as well. It was a very big dog.

"Not good", mumbled Papsen, "not good at all". He knew that ‘Liiine and her big brother were skeptical of dogs. And it was just as if the owner of the dog understood it, because she said, ‘"The dog is not dangerous, but he has very, very, very sharp claws".

'Liiine looked at me with her eyes wide open before she finished the story.

"What do you think Frida? Did we ran happy in the water with the dog? Oh no. One thing is certain, my brother and I were not ready to swim! It was a quick retreat from the beach that day".

I don't doubt that. But it reminds me that I have to ask Mamsy to cut my claws. They are a little sharp.

See you soon again!

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