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The neighborhood cats

We have neighbors! I was not aware of that, for although I have been both outside and inside the house, I have not seen any other people, or for that matter, any other animals. Well, by the way, Mamsy and I spoke to a girl a while back when I was outside, but I didn't connect that she was a neighbour. She was nice, she could tell I was British Shorthair!

We certainly have many neighbors and some of these neighbors have animals. Most people have dogs. I have seen the dogs from the window. When they have to pee or poop, they drag their humans out with them. Then they go there and sniff and pee and poo. Weird stuff, don't they have a loo inside the house like we have? They should get one, imagine having to go outside to pee and poo, and that in all kinds of weather! No, thank God that I'm a cat and can pee and poop inside whenever I want.

Some of the neighbors have cats. Linus doesn't know these cats, maybe he's heard a word or two about some neighborhood cats, but he's not sure. But he doesn't quite follow what's going on around him, he's never going outside. But even though I'm outside, I haven't heard anything about neighborhood cats. Or? What was Mamsy saying several days ago? Didn't she say something about going to the cats?

Of course, that's what she said, I remember it now.

"I will see to the cats", she said and went out. The neighborhood cats, they were the ones she was going to. The people these cats live with must have been on holiday, everyone is having holiday these days. And Mamsy, of course she knows the neighbor cats. Papsen says that Mamsy knows everyone. And Papsen has known Mamsy for a while, so he probably knows.

Gringott, Vanilje and Nussi, those are the neighborhood cats. Mamsy says that there are three beautiful cats, with different personalities, just like Linus and me.

Mamsy says I have something in common with all three cats. I purr like Gringott, I'm playful like Vanilje and I'm just as fond of food as Nussi.

Look at them then! They are wonderful!



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