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With Mamsy at work

I have thought about what Linus have told me about Mamsy and her job. What does Mamsy do when she is at work?

Linus explains. "Look around Frida", he starts. "You know now that this room is not just yours, right? There are many things here that you and I can’t use".

I look around and nodd. Yes, yes, I have mentioned it earlier, we have a climbing walls and toys for the cat, but I see things belonging to humans.

" Yeah, I know. We share the room with Mamsy and Papsen", I responded.

"Yepp,"Linus says. " We share mostly with Mamsy, but Papsen has some stuff too. They are inside those closets, so are not in our way. But Mamsy' stuff... She uses the chair that you like to lie on. She sits on it when she works. And on the table, full of different things, and she holds hands on the weird boards with numbers and letters. That is her job. At least that’s what she said to me when I asked if we could play. Yes, before you came to us and during the time she was always at home*".

Linus thinks before he continues.

"No Linus, Mamsy replied, when I asked if we could play. Mamsy is at her job, so we have to play a little later. What could I do, Frida, rather than whisper a short and disappointed -mjau, look at her and turn her back and walk away?"

A disappointed Linus, looking at Mamsy before he turns his back to her and walk away

My first meeting with the job was okay. I got my paws on the strange boards with numbers and letters, so I’ve probably worked too. But it was a little tiring, so I fell asleep behind the screen. I don't care, Mamsy was surely happy, so she didn’t have me at her job.

And I'm sure I'll never be disappointed when I'm with Mamsy at work.

"Anyway Linus", I said, “When her job is not here, where is it?”

Linus shakes his head a little. "I don’t know Frida, I’ve never been there, so I think it’s a secret."

See you all another day - if we don't have to go to work.

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