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Champions League

The Champions League final was last night. It ended exactly as we thought, Erling Braut Haaland won! Jæren, Norway won last night. And I, NO* Frostfall Frida, was born in Jæren, so I won too.

Erling says that everyone can be as good as he, everyone can get their dream fulfilled. So I think he and I, the two of us, have become the best football players in the world. Yes, of course, he is already the best in the world, that’s something everyone knows. But no one has seen me on the move. I can also play good football. So I will probably be the best football player in the world too, well - at least, I will be the best player in this house.

Linus is a Tottenham fan. He has been a fan since he was a kid. He is a fan of both at Spurs and at Rosenborg, a club in Norway where his cattery de Bellissmo (N) is located. He is the only one in this family who has a shirt. I am a little jealous that he has a jersey, maybe Papsen, or someone else,will buy Manchester City jersey for me. I would look gorgeous in a Manchester City jersey.

Papsy is a fan of the other Manchester team. Mamsy likes those who sing You never walk alone. I bet she cheers on that team just because they have a great song.

I guess I have to practice some football, so you'll see later!

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