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Resting heart rate

Mamsy and I had a talk about the suitcases. I understand it better now and have explained to Linus that when the suitcases arrive, it is a holiday for Papsen and Mamsy.

"Resting heart rate", Mamsy says." We have time off work, the days go slower (even if it doesn’t feel that way when the holidays are over), and we do things that we don’t do regularly. Free from the everyday life, travel to other places and collect new memories"

Resting heart rate? Linus has a resting heart rate most of his day, he sleeps so much! Does he have a vacation? He has a vacation from me when he sleeps, that is for sure.

I don't sleep as much as Linus. I think I can sleep when I get old. Right now I want to experience as much as possible, play and have fun. But.... maybe we are having a vacation anyway, both Linus and I? He sleeps and has a resting heart rate, while I play and collect new memories. Vacation at home, how fun!

Do Papsen and Mamsy have a resting heart rate during their holiday?

"Yes", Papsen says. "We do, but it can be a little tiring too. And then Mamsy does so many strange things". And then he tells the story when receptionist at the hotel extended her hand to take the passports. Mamsy misunderstood the hole situation and thought the receptionist wanted to welcome her and shake hands. So Mamsy takes her hand, shaking it and says hello.

Linus and I are laughing out loud.

"What a blunder! Did Mamsy get embarrassed?" Linus asks between the laughing cramps.

" No, she did not", Papsen says, "the receptionist took it nicely".

Linus is laughing. Mamsy has embarrassed herself

I am laughing at Mamsy who shakes hands at the receptionist

But where are Papsen and Mamsy having their holiday?

They travel mostly to the UK. The country where I come from, but which I do not live in, because I live in Norway. But they also travel to Eastern Norway. I don't know who originated from there, or if Mamsy does weird things there too. I'm not sure where it is.

But Linus knows. "Eastern Norway," he says, "I have been there! We drove through when I got to our forever-home. It must be in Norway because I've never been anywhere."

They travel to Eastern Norway in a moment, so then comes 'Liiine! Mamsy said that.

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