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Meet my family

Papsen, Mamsy, Linus and I lives in Stavanger, in the approach to the port of Stavanger.

Every day we see large and small ships heading in or out of the harbor. I don’t care so much, but the first cruise ship that I saw – it was awesome for those ships are as tall as the house we live in.

Mamsy has already taken me outside the house. She says we need to practice walking on a leash. I have asked Linus if he wants to be with us next time, but he says he doesn't bother. "I don’t like the leash", Linus says. "Besides, it's a little bit vaunted to be outdoors."

But then he looks at me and says that if I think I will like it, he thinks he will try again. So we will see. It is not certain that Mamsy want both Linus and me outside at the same time. I haven't asked her.

Linus also told me when it is hot outside, the door to the balcony is open all the time.

"I love that", says Linus, "because there can be flies and other things to hunt for at the balcony."

And then we don’t need to worry, because it’s completely safe, even though we are high up from the ground. The are glass around the balcony. Papsy has also hung up safety net, so even if the glass doors are completely open, it is completely safe for us.

The pictures of Papsen and Mamsy that I was allowed to use here, are from before I knew them. Before I was born. Mamsy has black hair!

"Don't ask", Linus warns. Papsy has told him that a lady, a coco perfume lady or maybe a Zsa Zsa woman has said that you should never ask a lady about her age, weight or original hair color. ""So Frida, don't ask Mamsy about the black hair".

Papsy and Mamsy are not with us all the time. Linus says they are at work, but Mamsy always worked at home when he was a kid. He was born some time ago, in 2020. But now Mamsy is home sometimes.

"It’s a bit annoying, because it was always nice when she worked from home". Linus says

I don't understand that working-stuff yet, but I get I will experience it some day.

Linus and I are home, so it's super duper. Perhaps we don't need Mamsy here too.

Linus, my big brother. He is from the middle of Norway, Trøndelag, but he does not speak as a "trønder". He is almost 3 years old and has lived with Papsen and Mamsy since he was 14 weeks, so he can almost certainly be considered a Siddis. (Cats and people born and grown up in Stavanger is called Siddis)

Linus is a British shorthair, color silver tabby. He comes from the cattery "de Bellissimo (N)".

He is a nice brother who, not right away - you have seen that, but after a few days in my for-always home, has welcomed me well. Linus does not want to blog for himself, but he want to be mentioned in my blog if he can. He has his own Instagram account and you can visit him at: linus_tt_

I am N* Frostfall Frida. I am also a British shorthair, color blue.. But you know that. And now you know a little more about all of us.

We'll see you soon!

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