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My forever-home. Part 3. Not so much safe anymore.

Smells, smells, smells...

I recognised the smells from the room I had been in the last days, but I had no idea what the smells smells told me. Suddenly I did not feel so safe any longer, but I was not frightened. Not at that point.

I have learned one thing about myself. When I do not feel safe, or I smell things I can not identify, then I use my voice. I really do use my voice - loud, very, very loud. I ran around, yelling, and sniffing on everything. You could hear me all the time.

I think Mamsy was a bit surprised, I heard her talking to herself and said something like “Does Frida yell for her cat-mom now”?

No Mamsy, I did not yell for my cat-mom, I do not remember any cats or humans from N* Frostfall longer. I yelled a message to the one who owned the smells I found everywhere. “Get out here so I can see you”, I yelled, “I am not afraid of you”.

Come out here you big animal. How dangerous can you be?

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