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My forever-home. part 4. Meeting the other british shorthair cat.

Help! The big animal was a silver tabby British shorthair, male, soon to be 3 years and his weight was 4,5 kilograms. What odds would you give me? Little tiny me, 14 weeks and 1,2 kilograms. Us two in a fight? How fair is that?

I am born in a cattery, I have meet big cats before, but this one – he smells different, he acts different, he probably eats tiny cats like me for breakfast. I deeply regretted that I have yelled that I wanted to see him.

We did not become best friends the first day we met, Linus de Bellissimo (N) and I. Not the next day either.

I arched my back and went on stiff legs. I crawled on the floor, which was very humiliating for me. He went slowly, with straight back and a slightly thick tail. I used my voice, he said nothing.

When Mamsy thought it was enough, she took me to the room and closed the door so I could play peacefully. Mamsy joined me in the room, she worked or something. I was rarely alone. I have to say, Mamsy looked after me while the silver tabby-cat hang around on the other side of the door, scratching on the door.

Despite paw-fencing when we came to close, fighting and biting, we went along better and better, the two of us. Linus was often asked to leave me alone, to be kind to me, but I must admit that I often started the fight. I went after his tail, and since I am so tiny and quick, I often got away when he was chasing me.

It is better that he is spoken to. I am so tiny and charming and do nothing wrong.

I think it is time to present you for Linus and the rest of the family.

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