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Suitcases in the hallway

One morning, Linus has an outbreak. "Oh no, suitcases!" He looks a little bit stressed and nodded towards the hallway.

Yes, I have seen the two big boxes on wheels, which I now know are suitcases. But why is Linus so stressed? And what exactly are suitcases? What are they used for? This and more questions I have to ask Linus. I admit smoothly that I am not very familiar to the world, so my big brother must step up and explain it to me.

Kofferter i gangen
Kofferter i gangen

"Frida", says Linus and looks at me with a lecturing look. "Now you need to listen to because this is quite important. Every time the suitcases appear, Papsen and Mamsy will be gone for a while. What is inside the suitcases, I am not quite sure, but I heard that Mamsy once said when she was back again, that it was completely unnecessary to pack all these dresses, and another time she said she regretted she didn’t buy the some pants"

Linus looks around before he whispers: "So I think they have their clothes inside the suitcases, and when they are gone, they buy a lot of clothes and other stuff".

For a while there was completely silence before Linus continues: "Sometimes it is just one suitcase. That means normally that Mamsy is gone for a while. Papsen and I, just us two guys, are at home alone", says Linus and smiles to himself, before he gets serious again. "But, Frida, two suitcases mean that both of them are going away".

Dette er helt nytt for meg. Jeg skjønner at det er mye å lære og jeg kjenner at jeg blir litt stresset jeg også. Med både Papsen og Mamsy borte, hvem gir oss mat? Hvem leker med meg og klør meg under haka?

This is completely new to me. I realize that there is a lot to learn and I feel that I am a little bit stressed too. With both Papsen and Mamsy gone, who gives us food? Who will be playing with me and scratch my chin?

I can see that Linus thinking very hard.

"They always prepare me when they are going away. But now I have you, Frida, and we Brits are holding together. And since we are together, I bet they have thought this will be ok and that I don’t have to be notified in advance. And there will certainly be someone to watch us while they are gone. And I bet it would be... " , Linus held his breath and I see that he relaxes a little more. "I bet it's 'Liiine coming!'", he says with a big smile." And if that is true, then everything is okay!"

*Liiine came. We got food, she played with me and I got all the attention I wanted. Linus was in the cave at the top of the climbing wall, just as usual. A lot was as usual, something was different. But it felt good. And we Brits are holding together, so it could never really get wrong.

My experience so far with suitcases is very, very good. Nothing to be afraid of. Nothing to be stressed off. What about you? Any scary experiences or?

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